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Working together to make our schools and community better.

Our local trustee Jennifer Story is stepping down, and I am running to be our next public school trustee.


I’ve been working from home while my child was in virtual school through Morse. I sat on the Duke of Connaught school advisory council in 2020/21, where my child is starting Grade 2.


I know government and how to make change happen. I successfully fought alongside other parents to save the Duke school pool, increase city swim classes across the east end, and save city and school childcare centres from cuts. I work full time for the Ontario Public Service and have degrees in engineering and public policy.

As your trustee, I will work for safer schools that reduce the spread of covid and support our children's well-being, transparency around our schools and the board, and advancing equity, inclusion and social justice.

I am committed to listening and collaborating. I care about our schools and our kids—all of our kids.

I am excited to work together to make our schools better.


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