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My Values

Through conversations across our community I’ve heard clearly that Toronto-Danforth wants a trustee that represents and advances our strongly held community values at the board.

These include:

  • Reasonable class sizes for safety and learning

  • Reductions in the spread of covid at schools

  • Freedom from bullying

  • Improved school infrastructure, including improved ventilation and air quality

  • Sufficient mental health and special education supports at schools 



Parents and residents deserve to know about:

  • Board decisions and procedures

  • What is happening in our schools

  • Provincial projects, investments and decisions that affect our schools




Dismantling structures within the TDSB that further oppression, especially for children and youth who face systemic social, economic, political and institutional barriers to success in our schools. 

This includes 2SLGBTQI+ kids, neurodiverse kids, Black, Latinx, Asian and Indigenous kids.


Working with trustees, interested groups and other orders of government to advance improvements for our schools. 


This includes facilitating strong ties with and across parents, school councils, teachers and education workers. 

I firmly believe in the Right to Education Framework developed by People for Education.

I fully support:

I want to hear from you. Get in touch if you have any questions or want to get involved in my campaign. 

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